Ep.36 — Valentina Caniglia, AIC IMAGO


Published on Aug 5, 2019

On episode 36, we sat down with New York-based – Italian-born cinematographer Valentina Caniglia, AIC IMAGO.

Encouraged by her dad when he gave her a camera at a young age, she was drawn first to still photography – and then evolved to film storytelling. Growing up in Naples, her influences range from legendary DP Vittorio Storaro to directors Stanley Kubrick and Lena Vurt-Muller.

Widely accepted statistics say that while women account for around 51% of film-goers. Somewhere around 4% of directors and only 3% of cinematographers are women. It’s no wonder that Valentina speaks passionately about expanding opportunities for women in the film industry.

Along with shooting features, shorts, music videos and commercials for HBO, Canal Plus, RAI, Showtime and Netflix… Valentina has also dedicatedly supported social-issue groups shooting non-fiction branded content for Planned Parenthood and the Children’s Aid Society. She was also featured in the American Cinematographer for her camera work on the dramatic short “The Stand.”

Today’s Guest: Valentina Caniglia, AIC IMAGO

Host & Producer: Jim Kamp

For a bonus segment of Valentina describing how she danced as she shot part of the “Unstoppable” campaign for Planned Parenthood — visit us on instagram @zeissfullexposure

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