Ep.10 — Sinjun Strom

Photographer, Visual Artist

Published on Dec 7, 2018

Minnesota native now based in New York, Sinjun Strom is a photographer and visual artist who doesn’t just take portraits — she makes them. Her ideas take root in detailed journals she keeps, mapping out possible subjects and sets for her elaborately produced images having her hands on on almost every aspect of her photographs. From the clothes to the sets, she even hand-crafts wallpaper backgrounds and props creating an almost cinematic style. She recently finished at the School of Visual Arts in New York, exclusively learning film formats from 35mm to large format view cameras.

Our special thanks to recent full exposure guest Andrew French for lending his Manhattan studio for the interview and emerging filmmakers Ian Chen and Hillary Safadi of Reel Works Filmmaking Education Program in Brooklyn who shot and recorded this episode.

Join our host Jim Kamp as he interviews distinguished artists and professionals in the fields of photography and filmmaking. Each week ZEISS will bring you an in depth look at the people behind the lens and have them tell their story directly to you!

Host: Jim Kamp

Today’s Guest:
Sinjun Strom – Photographer & Visual Artist

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