Ep.06 — PhotoPlus Expo Part 2

ZEISS Talks Lenses

Published on Nov 9, 2018

Today, on the final installment of Full Exposure from Photo Plus in New York, we’ll speak with various ZEISS experts about their latest release — the Batis 40mm f/2 close focus — as well as get some cool background on the history of ZEISS lens grouping design and how this remains relevant today… over one-hundred years since being introduced.

Join our host Jim Kamp as he interviews distinguished artists and professionals in the fields of photography and cinematography. Each week ZEISS will bring you an in depth look at the people behind the lens and have them tell their story directly to you!

Host: Jim Kamp

Today’s Guests:
Tony Wisniewski – Marketing Manager, Americas
Dr. Michael Pollmann – Category Manager, Carl Zeiss AG
Snehal Patel – Cine Sales Manager, Applications Specialist
Richard Schleuning – Senior Director, Americas

Flickr Photos:

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