Ep.33 — Lauren Owens Lambert

Photojournalist, Filmmaker

Published on Jul 3, 2019

On episode 33 of Full Exposure, we sit down with Boston-based photojournalist and filmmaker Lauren Owens Lambert who documents her passion: the human aspect of conservation and climate change research. Her work focuses on people as a vital part of natural cycles, a perspective that is sometimes lost in contemporary views on climate.

You will learn how volunteers and biologists rescue and rehabilitate tropical sea turtles that wash up on the freezing shores of Cape Cod each winter. You’ll also learn how Atlantic salmon are a federally endangered species in the U.S. with the last remaining wild populations found in only eight rivers in Maine, as well as the salmon conservation efforts being conducted across New England: including the removal of dams, the opening of waterways and increasing of buffer zones along rivers.

Lauren’s work is seen widely in photographic and conservation publications. Lauren partners with groups such as The Nature Conservancy and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. She has exhibited at Photoville in New York and has presented her work at the United Nations for the Ocean Data Alliance.

Today’s Guest: Lauren Owens Lambert

Interviewer: Jim Kamp

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