Ep.45 — John Kane


Published on Nov 4, 2019

In this week’s episode, you’ll learn about the how the collaborative process between artists of different disciplines — photography and dance — unfolds and how the image-maker balances pre-visualization with spontaneous shooting with dancers.

On episode 45 of Full Exposure, we hung out with photographer John Kane in his bucolic workspace and home in the hills of north western Connecticut. John’s wonderful workspace is a home and a farm and a studio all rolled into one; a location to instill envy in the hearts of photographers. His farm and converted barn/studio is a rustic photo wonderland of technical photo gears and inspiring, simple pastoral splendor.

John has been widely published in magazines and for over thirty years has photographed the world-renowned New York City dance troupes Momix and Pilobolus, collaborating on several book projects such as: “The Human Alphabet” and “Fashion and Color.”

Today’s Guests: John Kane

Host & Producer: Jim Kamp

Heather Magee
Heather Conn



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