Ep.46 — Charles Libin


Published on Nov 30, 2019

Growing up in New York City, cinematographer Charles Libin absorbed the gritty, seventies-era filmmaking of movies made in Manhattan like “Taxi Driver”, “Mean Streets”, and “Dog Day Afternoon”.

The Brooklyn-based cinematographer has over the years done documentary camerawork on several Jonathan Demme films including his Neil Young Trilogy, and numerous performance films including Julian Schnabel’s “Lou Reed: Berlin” as well as feature work for Jim Mckay’s “En El Séptimo Día,” one of the Hollywood Reporter’s ten best films of the year.

Libin’s latest documentary work is the soon-to-be released “The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash”.

We sat down with Charles to discuss his influences growing up in such a heady time in New York during the evolution of on-location shooting.

Today’s Guests: Charles Libin

Host & Producer: Jim Kamp

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