Ep.39 — Bill Bennett, ASC


Published on Aug 23, 2019

On the third installment from Hollywood, we had a chat with Bill Bennett, ASC.

As a pilot and cinematographer for over two decades he has shot in a range of challenging environments and has been called upon by many of the world’s top auto brands to shoot their cars.

He has photographed, aerospace and aircraft — along with people and places –for numerous television commercials. Of his many exciting assignments he photographed the liftoff of the very last space shuttle mission at Cape Canaveral.

A key member of the ASC Imaging Technology Council, Camera Division, he delves into the future of film archiving, projection and emerging film tech.

Today’s Guest: Bill Bennett, ASC

Host & Producer: Jim Kamp

Producer and Host: Jim Kamp
Executive Producer: Tony Wisniewski
Editor: Dan Walnycky
Colorist: Susan Jacob
Associate Producers: Kat Cantillo, Huda Khalid, Stacie Taylor
Co-Producer: Michael Valinsky
Cinematographer: Danna Kinsky
Gaffer: Sarah Thomas Moffat
Sound Mixer: Zsolt Magyar, CAS
1st AC: Dane Gerwig

Special Thanks
The American Society of Cinematographers
Bill Bennett, ASC
Richard Crudo, ASC
Dean Cundey, ASC
John Simmons, ASC
Kees Von Oostrum, ASC
Patty Armacost
Alex Lopez
Tisha Cowmeadow

Zeiss Cine / LA
Snehal Patel
Kylie Hazzard

Cameras Provided By
Alternative Rentals / LA

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