Ep.13 — Adrian Peng Correia


Published on Jan 4, 2019

For our first show of 2019, cinematographer Adrian Peng Correia joined us in the studio. Adrian found his joy of cinema in college after leaving an engineering program to pursue history and sociology. Encouraged by a mentor at school, he immersed himself in film, devouring as many books on the subject as he could and renting hundreds of foreign movies at the campus video store.

In one film — Visions of Light — a bible to many aspiring cinematographers, he watched it over and over, cementing his goal to become a DP. With few contacts in the business, Adrian’s determination lifted him up from humble roots working as an entry-level PA in the New York film industry to becoming a leading director of photography for television networks and feature films.

Join our host Jim Kamp as he interviews distinguished artists and professionals in the fields of photography and filmmaking. Each week ZEISS will bring you an in depth look at the people behind the lens and have them tell their story directly to you!

Host: Jim Kamp

Today’s Guest: Adrian Peng Correia – Cinematographer

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